8 Skin Care Tips For Your Face

To start off with our blog, we give you some skin care tips your face would love!

1. There is a reason why it’s called body lotion, face cream and eye cream. A body lotion has far too large molecules for the finer skin on the face and often contains much more perfume. A face cream is a finer cream that fits the face and down the neck, but it should also not be used around the eyes, as this too, has too large molecules.

2. Use different towels for hands and face. When you wash your hands after a bite, so much of the bacteria remain in your hands as you dry them. You do not want these in your face. Therefore, you must have another towel only for your face.

3. Apply face cream from the outside and in for in and out. An outward movement (from the nose and outwards / downwards as most people do) causes an unnecessary drag on the skin, and it is said to make a face “hanging” faster. Apply from the jaw and inwards instead.

5. Eye cream should be applied to the area around the eyes where the skin is thinnest. By using small amounts, apply the eye cream on the underside and the top of the eye. The skin around the eyes is like a rubber band. If you pull it for many times, it loses the elasticity (as does the age) and it will be hanging.

6. Lubricate the face and body as soon as possible after the shower, making the skin more susceptible to moisture and can keep the moisture longer.

7. Adjust skin care after your skin! Don’t go for what suited your friends or something that’s supposed to be a “miracle cream.” Just because it fits someone else does not mean it suits you. Many also believe that “the more moisture, the better.” Why not use the cream for dry skin on my normal skin? Then you get more moisture? No, the most important thing is to customize! Find out which skin type you have, preferably by an expert, and use products after that.

8.Drink water! Perhaps the most common tip you can get but among the most important! Cream can give moisture on the surface, but the primary moisture comes from the inside in the form of water!

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