Benefits Of Laser Photo Facial In Jacksonville

The laser photo facial is a treatment to correct skin imperfections, the stains coming because of age or sun and dark lesions. It is a very effective method that has surprising results when applied on the face, décolleté and hands. You can rejuvenate several years and give a more youthful appearance, according to what you feel.

Laser photo facial benefits

By applying a single session of 1 hour it is enough to get results. With laser pulse light of high-intensity smart scraping the surface layer of the skin of the face or where the imperfection marks or grooves in the body is produced.

Applied to reduce pores with facial rejuvenation functions as a scalpel adapted to each case. The stratum corneum of the skin is abraded and, in so doing, will be a new collagen formation. Something that will benefit with greater smoothness, elasticity and decreased pore.

It can be applied in the nose area of the face where many people find it difficult to close the pores, forehead, and chin. Face places that are more common to have black spots. But it also works on the cheekbones, temples and around the mouth. Areas also face where there is a greater predisposition to form wrinkles but after photo rejuvenation treatment will be eliminated wrinkles small and deep will be much smoother.

The summary of the benefits of laser photo facial:

  • Reduce wrinkles.
  • Remove sunspots face.
  • Remove veins of the nose.
  • Standardize the skin tone.
  • Reducing pore size.
  • Promote the formation of collagen and elastin.

Atrophy of skin and irregularities can be treated independently with the laser photo facial. This causes an improvement in skin texture. The generation of new collagen results in dermis lesions disappear. New tissues grow up the old.

It works well for people with pigmentary changes, lentiginosis and other situations in which the formation of melanin stain face.

Also, the photo rejuvenation has results for flaked areas where the skin is red areas with different conditions or accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Ideal use this type of facial rejuvenation full for the entire face.

Length of laser photo rejuvenation session

With just 30 minutes of application of pulsed light, it is sufficient. Once the skin is clean, without makeup or fake tan can begin treatment. For this, it is important to go with clean skin without cosmetics.

The person in charge of cleaning the skin use some anesthetic cream to make you feel comfortable. So you avoid the pain that some people have for their greater sensitivity. Although facial IPL is not too bothersome, at times it may be noted some uncomfortable feelings. Something that solves cream well.

They will also apply a conductive gel so that the energy transferred well to areas where imperfections are and want to rejuvenate. After completing treatment with laser photo rejuvenation is another face cleaning.

And that’s all there is to do. With a simple session is enough. And always take 3 or 4 sessions throughout life. As simple and practical.


We must avoid having tanned skin recently. So it’s best not to make an appointment at your favorite clinic just after the summer. Wait a few months and, if you use UVA rays for the same period. If you must use self-tanner to comment before the appointment can be established at the appropriate date, just as the effects of tanned skin leave.

In addition to this, when you finish the session, after 7 days you will begin to notice how you change the skin. You can suffer some flaking and small scabs. This is part of the renewal of the epidermis, so you should not worry, but quite the opposite. Facial rejuvenation is showing its benefits.

The slightly different from the rest of the skin dark spots may appear for a while. But as the weeks there will be uniformity and natural shine, with fewer blemishes and skin defects.

Laser photo rejuvenation risks

As in any cosmetic procedure, there will always be some mild side effects or risks you could see wrapped and photo laser resurfacing is no exception.

It is important to note that this procedure most associated risks can be avoided if you take the time to choose a good medical clinic that has doctors specializing in the area, instead of opting for doctors with less experience just because they charge less money. Such beauty clinic also offers coolsculpting treatment for weight loss.

If you do not choose a good doctor well, you run the risk of burns during the procedure and that you remain small scars on his face, which is very difficult to pass with an experienced physician.

Although if you are a person with a skin too sensitive and prone to scarring or marks on the skin, then the better you talk to a dermatologist before this procedure to see if it is safe for you.

In addition to this you could have small blisters, tiny scabs and swell after the procedure but this is easily treated with creams to relieve the discomfort and accelerate rapid healing in the area.

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